Organic Farming



  1. Respecting the environment
  2. Maintaining soil fertility.


  1. Optimum utilization of resources.
  2. Without the use of synthetic chemicals.

Why is it interesting for producer?

Organic farming has a number of advantages that make it very attractive to the producer:

  1. It offers consumers and himself a healthy and high quality.
  2. Living and working in an environment free from pollution and more balanced, with no toxicity hazards that can cause conventional agriculture without plundering the natural resources, which ensures the use of them both as to the future generations.
  3. Meet the growing and unstoppable demand for organic products in both the immediate and markets throughout the world market, since they are usually more valued and better paid than conventional products.

Why is it interesting for the consumer?

The advantages of buying organic products for the consumers are:

  • Make sure you’re getting healthier products, more nutritious and more satisfying for its organoleptic qualities.
  • Contributing to its claim to promote production systems that help keep this world as a friendlier, more beautiful and, above all, more livable.