Change of ownership in the CRAEGA records

The operator must notify CRAEGA in advance if it changes ownership of the file. It will request from CRAEGA, said change of ownership, signed by the old and new owner, and according to the model (FPOC-09/03) The new operator will provide all the necessary data for said change, as well as the documentation that CRAEGA deems appropriate.

To have the right to process the change of ownership, the owner must:

-Be registered in CRAEGA
-Keep the file up to date with payments
-Be up to date with the obligations referred to in the CRAEGA Operating Regulations
-Not having the certification file suspended, in the process of being suspended or pending notification of corrective actions
-Present the following documents:
– Copy of the DNI (ID card) of the new owner or representative of the company.
– Copy of the deeds where the designation of the current representative of the company is collected.
– Copy of the Tax Identification Card.
– Copy of the requests for change of ownership in the records corresponding to the activity carried out.

Registration due to change of ownership entails for the new owner the obligation to pay the fee for the provision of control and certfication services without discounts. The change of ownership will not be valid until said payment is made. The new owner will pay the renewal fee annually on the date of the change of ownership.

Download change of ownership